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Our Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV are HPLC and NMR tested by independent labs based in the U.S.
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Stomach Acid Protected & Super-Absorption Astragaloside 99%, Made in USA, 50mg, 90caps
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Product Information

·         Proudly Made in USA - Manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & tested by 3rd Party Labs in USA - Purity, Absorption & Potency Guaranteed. Be cautious, most Astragaloside IV products on market are from China. At Nature’s Bliss, we produce all of our products in USA to guarantee safety.

·         Nature's Bliss uses expensive Vegetarian DRcaps, which are stomach acid resistant hypromellose capsules. DRcaps capsules protect sensitive Astragaloside from being destroyed by stomach acidity. This protection allows close to 100% of the Astragaloside to arrive in the intestine, where it can be absorbed. Learn more about DRcaps.

·         With release properties built into the capsule, DRcaps capsules have NO added chemicals, solvents or other coating polymers. Conventional capsule-coating techniques require use of chemicals and solvents resulting in unpleasant odor, aftertaste and iritation to human digestion system. Additional, heat used in the coating process can compromise sensitive Astragaloside.

·         Nature's Bliss® develops proprietary super-absorption formula, upgrading the absorption of Astragaloside so the bioavailability rate increases by 200% or more.

·         Nature's Bliss ONLY uses the most high quality and purest Astragaloside. The purity of our Astragaloside is over 99%.


    Enjoy life with Nature’s Bliss products:


              You may experience some of the following effects after taking our products for 6 months:


           * Better and deeper sleep


           * Improved vision


           * Hair growth


           * Fewer wrinkles and better skin


           * Boosted sexual performance


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